A former Nuclear Energy Worker, Prakash Krishnan is now a media maker and burgeoning academic in the field of communication studies, conducting research at the intersection of queer, feminist, and critical race theories. Through primarily research-creation methodologies, Prakash is exploring methods of community alternative media production as means of identity archiving, grassroots organizing, and community building against the backdrop of white supremacist, patriarchal, and colonial societies. Prakash’s chapter, “Archiving Aesthetics of Protest: Documenting and Digitizing the Art of the March”, co-authored with Grace Van Ness can be found in Design and Political Dissent: Spaces, Objects, Materiality, forthcoming from Routledge. He has performed at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre, and his short film, “Swiping For Love”, has been screened at the DeSeve Cinema and at fliQs: Queer Film Nights. Engaged in practices of anti-colonialism, Prakash is currently working on two collaborative media projects that address settlers of colour and complicity in neocolonialism.